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Driving Adoption in an IT-Enabled Change Programme

Project Overview

Project Overview

Our client made a huge investment moving and consolidating business processes and a multitude of systems from on premise technical solutions to Oracle Cloud.  All business functions, including HR, CRM, Projects, Procurement and Finance across all business units were affected by the change.

In order to get the benefits of standardisation and consolidation from this investment, our client was dependent on user adoption.  Afiniti was engaged as change partner for over two years to work alongside the Systems Integrator and other consultancies, specifically supporting the people elements of the programme through the multiple phases of implementation.

Our Solution

Our Solution

We engaged in a long-term partnership with our client to:

  • Gain sponsorship and buy-in from senior stakeholders by running a series of senior stakeholder events
  • Develop an appealing visual identity for the programme to provide consistency and continuity
  • Define the change, and the impact of the change, on key roles within the organisation, along with the specific interventions to support each of those users groups
  • Develop the change journey for key roles – we brought the change to life, helping key roles to understand the impact of the change, what they were going to have to do differently and why it was important
  • Induct key users into a Change Champion Network
  • Assess and measure business readiness within the organisation getting users ready for the change – warming them up through awareness sessions, events, town halls, presentations to key team meetings, etc.
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

  • We ensured that change management was integrated and key in the delivery of the system and that the needs of the user were taken into consideration with every go-live
  • We developed a clear change story for each of the key roles defined, allowing the change to be articulated
  • Provided consistency of message to align senior sponsors in the change
  • We built and maintained the champions network, developing them into the key conduit between the programme and the organisation. We developed them to become super users of the system who supported the delivery of the programme
  • We supported multiple go-lives through training, communications, coaching and go live events
  • We built up knowledge and understanding of the change process within the organisation to ensure the change was sustainable
  • We made sure each impacted area was ready for the changes before they were delivered
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