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Engaging the Business in a New Service Offering

Project Overview

Project Overview

Our transport client’s Data Science service was created to advise, guide, and lead the delivery of fast-growing big data and advanced analytics projects across all functions, creating new opportunities in health and safety whilst reducing delivery costs. As a new service, the team needed engaging core material to demonstrate their service offer.

Working collaboratively with the team and key stakeholders, we helped articulate a complex service offering in a clear, simple, compelling, and relevant way. This was supported by engaging core collateral, including case study examples of what tangible benefits had already been realised through working with Data Science colleagues.

In developing the solution, we ensured clear line of sight to the functional and business strategies, enabling the service to communicate with its customers in a meaningful way and demonstrate the value of working with core central functions in a devolved operating model.

Our Solution

Our Solution

We worked closely and collaboratively with key colleagues to develop core collateral to support the introduction and promotion to internal customers of Data Science as a new service offering. This included:

  • We delivered a strong and compelling visual identity and core template set to facilitate and support communications, enabling better engagement; all on brand, but standing out to carry messaging visually to add to the reach to desired audiences.
  • We developed a key message framework with the team to ensure a solid foundation aimed at speaking with one voice and informing future communications content for Data Science; providing direction and guidance to those responsible for communicating with stakeholders to ensure that audiences for the project’s communications are more fully engaged with communications that are clear, compelling, consistent and coherent.
  • We created a concise and visually appealing one-pager that brings the various key messages to life, in a creative and interesting way, reaching time-poor stakeholders in a different way.
  • We produced a core engagement deck, which included recent live case studies to bring out the real change that could be made through working with the Data Science team.
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

  • We spoke directly with customers of the service to ensure their experience and needs were brought through.
  • We ensured consistency, continuity, and coherence with internal communications and branding.
  • We simplified a complex topic for a broad audience to ensure take-up of the service and clarity of the service offered.
  • We enabled the Data Science team to speak with one voice and extend their reach to prove how data science can make efficiencies and improve effectiveness.
  • We made connections for the Data Science team with other areas of the business, bringing the benefit of our experience and network to the engagement.
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