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Project Overview

Project Overview

Our energy sector Client originally approached us to support with a challenging deployment of their digital supply chain tool, SAP Ariba. The tool had been rolled out to stakeholders, but the organisation was struggling to adopt and realise the benefits.

Afiniti carried out a discovery phase of work to uncover the root cause of the challenges, which led to a clear conclusion that the people expected to use the tool had not been taken on the change journey, instead they were given functional training, with little done to build an understanding of why the organisation was making the change or what the benefits were for the stakeholders or the wider organisation.

Afiniti were then engaged to uncover and tell the SAP Ariba story with people at the front and centre, bringing the change to life, and shifting mindset and behaviours to embrace the new way of working.

As the campaign gained momentum it was recognised that this challenge was not unique to the SAP Ariba project. The Global Digitalisation Programme was facing similar challenges and soon after Afiniti were engaged as the Business Change Partner for the Digitalisation Programme which involved providing change management services to the programme and the 11 associated projects.

Our Solution

Our Solution

We start every engagement with a Discovery phase, during which we seek to truly understand the challenges faced or problem to be solved, this allows us to validate the approach and ensure we are delivering what our clients really need. No two engagements are the same therefore a unique approach was planned for the Digitalisation Programme, accelerated by what we had already uncovered from SAP Ariba. During discovery we:

  • Uncovered the Digitalisation story with specific focus on the people narrative, associated benefits (e.g. What’s in it for me and The Why) and ensuring that people were engaged in a creative and compelling way
  • Refreshed the visual identity to bring the story to life
  • Developed a key message framework and supporting narrative to ensure clear and consistent communications
  • Created a core Digitalisation Engagement Deck containing the key information for stakeholders to draw from when engaging people around the programme
  • Created a Digitalisation Overview Animation that clearly articulated the Digitalisation vision, objective and associated roadmap with a focus on exciting and engaging people behind the change
  • Developed an overarching Business Change Strategy which included:
    • High level impact assessment and benefits overview across the Digitalisation programme
    • Change Management Approach
    • Communications and Engagement approach
    • Learning approach
    • How change management activities and team integrate
The Differences We made

The Differences We made

  • Following the completion of Discovery, the Digitalisation programme had a clear identity and story that stakeholders could buy-in to.
  • Sponsors and leaders had the tools they needed to share consistent messages about the programme and were confident in the messages they were sharing.
  • People were excited about the change journey and wanted to be part of the change, with more than 150 people joining the digital adoption network.
  • The change strategy was adopted by each of the associated Digitalisation projects meaning a consistent approach was in place to support the change journey, with people at the heart.
  • Each project is set up for success from the outset with the appropriate tools to support the change journey, such as a key message framework and visual identity (aligned to the overarching Digitalisation story), a change impact assessment, a business engagement deck, explanation video, an intranet site and supporting communication and engagement plans.
  • This allowed a real focus on building awareness of the change and the benefits meaning the original challenge faced by the organisation was being tackled and the risk related to adoption and benefit realisation is reduced.
  • Our approach also focused on building internal change capabilities, we are supporting our Client in upskilling their newly onboarded internal junior change manager, to help ensure change can be sustained within the organisation.
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