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Implementing an Operating Model for the Future

Project Overview

Project Overview

We partnered with a large pharmaceutical client to help them implement a new operating model within their Safety Science organisation, setting them on track to achieve their 2020 vision. This was a vital step in their ambition to become a more agile organisation, enhancing patient safety while managing increasing internal demands.

This change involved transitioning a third of staff across 3 continents into a new centralised team, and introducing new processes and ways of working across the whole organisation. Resistance was anticipated due to core job responsibilities changing and the transition to the new centralised team being perceived as a backward step. We overcame this by combining robust change management practices, a creative communications strategy and a tailored learning approach.

Our Solution

Our Solution

We worked with a variety of stakeholders to:

  • Create and manage a robust and practical change plan with measurement built in from the start.
  • Equip and inspire a proactive cohort of change champions to advocate the new model while providing valuable feedback, and latterly developing their resistance management skills.
  • Develop and deliver a targeted communications campaign using a variety of media from video to webcasts, underpinned by a strong visual identity to help embed the benefits of the new model.
  • Launch an online portal promoting information tailored by role.
  • Run an interactive event for the whole organisation allowing them to have their say about the new ways of working and feel positive about the changes ahead.
  • Bring the new ways of working to life through online learning and role-play workshops.
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

  • We developed strong change capability throughout the organisation from change champions through to the leadership team – ensuring sustainability.
  • We anticipated and overcame initial resistance. As the transition phase began, 93% of people were either looking forward to the new model or had an open mind and only 7% still had doubts.
  • We successfully positioned the new centralised team as an integral part of the organisation with positive career development opportunities.
  • We ensured a smooth transition process with no dip in productivity and minimal loss of talent.
  • The communications element of the project won an Award of Excellence from the Institute of Internal Communications for Best Change Communications category, 2018
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