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Making Change Adoption Stick – Even When it Doesn’t Want to!

Project Overview

Project Overview

Our consumer healthcare client was experiencing low and slow change adoption levels of two major tools – one for reporting and another for price management. Subsequently, the client had to drive swift and high levels of adoption across its pharma and medtech divisions.

Despite an approved and validated enterprise change management strategy and tested solutions to increase adoption, there was still technical delay, real resistance around data validity and credibility, and operational overload – all of which compounded and further hampered adoption levels. 

Our Solution

Our Solution

  • Afiniti has brought a strong focus on agility, creative thought-partnering and close relationships with the business and SMEs to allow for flexibility in strategy delivery, which has been essential in building trust with the client, and consequently in driving forward adoption levels through resistance. 
  • We have partnered with the leadership team to deliver and embed almost 20 reports so far (with approx. 20 more coming), across three sectors.
  • Our initial approach was born from our Discovery phase of work. This helped to shape a robust enterprise change management strategy, validated with the project team and more than 32 colleagues within the business. 
  • This strategy hinged upon three phases of how the end-user would experience change: Communications, Learning and Reinforcement, with SMEs and our central hub being our red thread through this, as well as our close and fluid partnership with the team. 
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

“The value Afiniti bring on multiple fronts is clear. They have really set and driven the framework to our change management approach, which just wasn’t there before. I totally trust them.” 

Programme Delivery Lead

The value we’ve generated so far includes…

  • Delivering 6+ Business Value Packages (15+ reports) to 800+ people. 
  • Building partnerships to drive change via 20 + SMEs. 
  • Developing a one-stop-shop Hub for all communication, materials and support.
  • Shining a light on the data issues the team are resolving, and we created a campaign championed by senior leaders to promote healthy data habits.
  • As such, we have changed mindsets to be more data and benefit-centric, evidenced through leadership messaging/acknowledgement and team feedback.
  • Change adoption levels remain at 90% in Consumer Health, and are steadily rising in Pharma and MedTech

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