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MedTech Data Strategy Roadmap: Finding the Story

Project Overview

Project Overview

Our global life sciences client had a need for collaboration between leadership and key cross-business stakeholder groups to unite around the value of a holistic commercial data strategy roadmap. For several years, Afiniti has partnered with this client, aligning to the same moral compass and recipe for business success as laid out in their credo. This was their MedTech function’s first engagement with Afiniti after seeing the success in other engagements. We worked with the Director for EMEA Commercial Data Strategy to further explore Afiniti’s value proposition for ‘Making Change Stick’.

The client did not have a vision for how to portray the importance of Commercial Data. The team wanted to bring to life a Commercial Data strategy roadmap in a way that didn’t make people focus on technology or data, but rather how they should think, feel and what they should do with Commercial Data.

To begin, Afiniti started to find the story by identifying and telling the core narrative theme and messaging to enable simple, clear consistent engagement of key groups in a consistent way.

Our Solution

Our Solution

We engaged in a partnership with our client to:

  • Write a compelling narrative which highlighted the importance of the Commercial Data strategy roadmap.
  • Create a core vision and message framework which told the story of the importance of the strategy and who is involved.
  • Develop a strong themed visual identity of the Commercial Data strategy which was created alongside the client and a key group of interested stakeholders.
  • Create a core engagement deck and accompanying speaker notes which guided the client to the key messages that need to be conveyed.
  • Ensuring that the narrative is people change-focused and that everyone knows they have a part to play when it comes to Commercial Data and how it is created or consumed.
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

  • Provided a clear visual identity, clearly detailing what the strategy is trying to achieve and highlighting the importance of senior leadership and cross-business stakeholder support.
  • Created short animated videos, which were engaging and digestible to keep high engagement with key stakeholders and the strategy roadmap.
  • Delivered a suite of bespoke creative assets including templates, banners, icons and MS Teams backgrounds that enable the Commercial Data team to regularly and visibly highlight the Commercial Data Strategy’s own brand and articulate the compelling story

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