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Project Overview

Project Overview

Helping a communications team bring its channels to life and increase employee engagement for a diverse audience.

We have an ongoing partnership with the communications team in a global pharmaceutical company to help them deliver important elements of their business strategy, bringing creativity and strategic planning to key channels.

As a newly formed function in 2012, supporting ambitious 2020 goals, it has been crucial for the team to continually drive employee engagement with fresh ideas, establish themselves as a strategic partner to the leadership team and add demonstrable value to the wider business goals.

Our Solution

Our Solution

We worked with the communications team to:

  • understand the current landscape through a communications audit;
  • redesign their newsletter with a fresh look, engaging content and a defined channel strategy;
  • develop their stakeholder management approach to ensure they are building trusted partnerships across the business;
  • devise and deliver a communications plan to increase engagement with their online collaboration platform through blogs, infographics, reports and user guides.
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

  • Developed the newsletter into a strategic channel with a clear purpose and increased open rates
  • Received excellent employee feedback and engagement with our collaboration platform content
  • Increased awareness and understanding of the online collaboration tools available
  • Enabled the team to produce meaningful reports about key channels and develop strategic communications
  • Helped the team establish themselves as a trusted advisor within the business
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