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Pharmaceutical Transformation Through a New Operating Model

Project Overview

Project Overview

Our global pharmaceutical client has invested significantly to ensure the oversight and standardisation that regulators expect from Pharmacovigilance and Quality is consistent on a global scale.  Part of this investment was the development and implementation of a new operating model which aimed to provide affiliates from across the globe with a framework to operate within.

We partnered with our client to design the new operating model, understand the workstreams needed, and build and roll out an extensive communications and engagement strategy – bringing together the clients’ stakeholders, change teams, communications teams and external vendors – in order to effectively communicate and deliver the change to over 100,000 end users in 90+ countries across the world.

Our Solution

Our Solution

  • We partnered with business sponsors and stakeholders, leading the development of:
  • A compelling change story and associated key message framework which lead to an engagement deck for key stakeholders
  • A manual to help stakeholders implement the programme containing data, insight which we gathered and analysed, plus guidance for the user
  • Leadership resistance and resilience training and coaching
  • A one-stop-shop portal to tell the programme story and serve as the hub for all stakeholders to interact with the project. The portal included tailored content available for each region and role
  • The planning of multiple Face-to-face engagement events and virtual roadshows including the preparation and development of materials to deliver the vision of the programme
  • Leadership examples and ‘success story’ case studies to encourage adoption across the wider organization and bring the programme to life. The implementation of best practice. Using videos and articles to bring this to life
  • A central HR toolkit which was later developed into regional toolkits to reflect the local HR requirements and reporting process.
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

  • The programme story and key message framework has provided structure and consistency and continues to evolve and provide true messaging for further rollouts of the programme check this
  • Thanks to the engaging and targeted content, the one-stop-shop portal quickly became one of our clients’ most successful project portals ever, with over 1000 unique visitors from 42 different countries
  • We produced over ten items of content for the portal every month including: announcements ,success stories, news articles, videos
  • We supported a number of live events which were highly successful in engaging with key stakeholders. The events’ impact were further reinforced by post-event materials such as videos, photos and private portal areas
  • Best practice has now been established following the ‘success story’ case studies. This is being used to guide and inform the business as it rolls out the programme to new regions

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