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Preparing a Business for Agile Delivery

Project Overview

Project Overview

Faced with a fragmented IT landscape and a pressing need for global visibility and analytics, our Global Consumer Healthcare client realised that to drive efficiency a big data solution was required and awareness around agile practices needed to be created within the business if the benefits were to be realised.

While the IT teams had already started adapting to agile tools and methods, the business teams who were to receive new capabilities had little or no appreciation of agile. As our client’s change partner, we developed a bespoke change and communications plan for their big data solution and an agile awareness campaign with training which has set the project up for success.

Our Solution

Our Solution

  • We developed and delivered an ‘introduction to agile’ training course to raise awareness and prepare the business teams.
  • We worked with the IT teams to translate complex development (sprint) plans into a meaningful business roadmap – we made ‘agile delivery’ real for the user community and leadership.
  • We mobilised a team of SMEs in 4 continents to be the local advocates for the new capabilities, equipping them with knowledge, information and basic change management capability.
  • We surveyed the business teams to understand their priorities and their current level of awareness and desire to adopt the new IT capabilities.
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

  • A robust change management and communications approach is now in place with multi-channel media including Microsoft Yammer.
  • We raised awareness and understanding of agile methodology within the business community of around 50 people.
  • We helped to define and support a validation step in the agile delivery process to bring the business closer to the development process and build trust in the new capabilities.
  • We have transferred ownership of the change to SMEs within the business with the support of leadership.
  • We have set benchmarks which will ensure project success can be measured against desired outcomes.
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