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Supporting Change by Creating an Integrated Programme and Change Management Office

Project Overview

Project Overview

Our oil and gas client had been recently formed through a joint venture between two very different organisations. There were three key areas of focus to complete the merger: integration of the two organisations, separation from the parent company, and transformation – with the ultimate ambition of creating a new, innovative and valuable business.

Afiniti worked alongside the new organisation, as change partner, to augment the existing internal programme team, build internal change capability and capacity, and start bringing the two organisations together: aligning their cultures, working practices, and reporting.

Our Solution

Our Solution

  • We created a Programme & Change Management Office (PCMO) to bring together programmes, integrate change management and create the optimum conditions for project delivery.
  • We defined the new planning and governance standard and a mechanism for each plan’s reporting to feed into a company-wide integration dashboard.
  • We brought to life the programme’s story and developed a Key Message Framework, engagement deck and refreshed set of company values.
  • We designed and supported delivery of a two-day extended leadership event, getting stakeholders to commit to the vision and start engaging on how they would transform the business.
  • We also developed a change champion network strategy to promote programme activities, embed new ways of working, and develop behaviours, aligned to refreshed company values.
  • To bring the two cultures together we conducted a compelling values communications campaign, utilising a number of creative channels and media to engage and inspire.
  • As part of our integrated values communications campaign we visited 6 locations carrying out interoffice values challenges and lunch and learn sessions with engaging topics delivered by guest speakers.
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

  • We provided structure and process to support the management of the programme – ensuring the people and organisational-change perspective was considered.
  • One source of truth reporting resulted in an organisation-wide understanding of progress, status and risks – 9 functional plans fed into this single, consolidated dashboard – used as the basis for steering committee decision making.
  • The PCMO engaged with over 100 initiatives to roll out the governance process, integrate planning data and baseline delivery dates.
  • We supported the formation of the new extended leadership team at the leadership event – starting the transformation journey.
  • We reinforced and created buy-in for the refreshed company values.
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