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  • Rail industry projects
Helping the Competency Development Team at Network Rail to understand and address their identity and standing within the community they serve.

Capacity Planning is going through a period of significant change, and are dependent on planner competencies growing and changing in Control Period 5. The Competency Development Team is responsible for driving and sustaining the required improvements.

However, the team was suffering from a negative perception among the community they serve, and even within their own team. They had little sense of identity or purpose, and were under-performing as a result.

Our Solution

  • Conducting a workshop with the team to develop their identity
  • Helping the team to create a vision and long-term plan
  • Creating branding and templates that the team felt represented a professionalised version of how they wanted to be perceived
  • Creating a communication campaign to publicise the activities of the team
  • Creating a methodology and tools for developing new training courses
  • Creating a format for documenting the competency framework, including appropriate assessment criteria and reviewing cycles
  • Introducing a formal document management system
  • Creating online assessments for existing training courses

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Baselined perception of the team – We conducted surveys to provide a quantified baseline of how the team was perceived, both internally and externally – this showed that there was significant room for improvement
  • Consolidating a team identity, purpose and plan – We worked with the team to improve how they felt about what they wanted to achieve, and how they wanted to be perceived
  • Sustainable skills – We helped the team to develop their skills in terms of understanding learning theory, instructional design and competency frameworks
  • Professionalisation – We helped the team to put in place sustainable processes, procedures and tools

Date: Sept 2014

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