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Using powerful visuals and unique identities to tell the real story. 

We successfully engaged stakeholders across many different projects within a large pharma organisation, using our innovative communication and design skills. In one project we delivered an animated video to help our client adjust its culture and encourage people to build effective non-hierarchical networks. These internal networks were seen as vital for more effective collaboration and innovation across the organisation. We also supported the implementation of a complex IT project with clear, engaging and eye-catching communications, to ensure users fully understood the change and wanted to be involved.

Our Solution

We produced striking communications for our client by:

  • understanding their business vision and key drivers, and using these to inform our design;
  • building relationships with diverse stakeholders to ensure the video would be accepted and shared across the organisation;
  • delivering a product that speaks to everyone;
  • translating complex issues into a clear visually-appealing rich picture.

The differences we made

  • The short film, which told an important story for the organisation, was well received by key stakeholders.
  • Our work stood out as being different to the client’s usual communications.
  • End-users are now engaged and understand the change programme.
  • Stakeholders are satisfied and have given great feedback.

If you‘d like to know how Afiniti could benefit change within your company, feel free to give us a call on 0845 608 0104