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Afiniti Welcomes Sarah Matthews to the Partner Team

We are delighted to announce that Sarah Matthews recently became an Afiniti Partner; having been working with us since January 2020, she truly knows our firm and radiates our values – people at the heart, client first, acting with integrity. 

Since joining, Sarah has had a huge impact both with the client work she has carried out, and also on the Afiniti people she has worked alongside. She is a high energy, authentic and collaborative change consultant and leader, passionate about supporting businesses to overcome challenges and pull together as one force, ready and able to embed change and realise transformational outcomes.

On becoming Partner, Sarah said:

“I am thrilled to be joining Afiniti as Partner, and full of excitement for continuing to support our clients in the way only Afiniti can do. Standing out to me – it’s the people who make it such a special place to be, as well as the incredibly strong values by which Afiniti operates. It’s an honour to be a part of Afiniti’s future.”

Sarah Corsar, Talent Lead at Afiniti said:

“We’re absolutely thrilled Sarah Matthews has joined our Partner team. Her unwavering drive, her infectious enthusiasm and of course her passion for change is exactly the kind of role model behaviours we look for and value at Afiniti. We’d all like to wish Sarah well in her new role and I am excited to see her continue to make an impact with our clients and with our internal team.”



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