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Lauren is an accomplished and results-driven change consultant with a strong background in fuel, transport, logistics and a BSc in Psychology. With a successful track record in project management, general management and collaboration experience with trade unions, Lauren is adept at managing complex business challenges and driving positive outcomes. 

As a change consultant, Lauren is committed to creating a positive change experience for all individuals involved within the scope of change. She recognises that change can be disruptive and stressful and is dedicated to minimising these negative impacts by creating strong relationships and communication channels to ensure a successful change process. 

Lauren is a skilled communicator and collaborator, with the ability to work effectively with stakeholders at all levels of an organisation. She is passionate about developing and implementing effective change management strategies that drive measurable results and help organisations achieve their goals. 

With her strong analytical skills, strategic mindset and dedication to driving positive change, Lauren navigates complex business challenges to achieve success in today’s fast-paced and dynamic business environment. 


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