Lorna Tarrant

Creative Director

Lorna is our longest serving employee and has worked for Afiniti since it was founded in 2003.  During this time Lorna has taken on many roles including: design, marketing, communications and management functions giving her an in-depth understanding of Afiniti and our clients.

Lorna heads up the Design and Marketing team with a key focus of working on client projects providing creative direction.  Lorna’s experience includes communication strategies, design consultancy, marketing and other creative solutions that support business change projects, communication campaigns, business engagement, knowledge transfer and project/department branding.

She really enjoys working with clients to help them develop innovative and creative strategies and briefs. Based on her diverse mix of skills in design, communications and marketing she adds real value to the communications and design process. Lorna’s work includes the marketing of Afiniti giving her a productive combination of internal and external facing creative work.

Lorna has a very positive outlook to life and enjoys the mix of work demands and spending family time with her son. She loves running and can be spotted enjoying this activity in the beautiful Surrey countryside.

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Lorna’s Insights

resistance to change

The importance of managing resistance to change

If you don't involve and engage people business change you may find yourself dealing with resistance to change