Tom Dennehy Communications consultant
Tom Dennehy

Partner, Principal Consultant

An ‘all-rounder’ in the field of internal communication, Tom has 8 years’ experience including delivering high profile and engaging communications campaigns, strategy development, channels and event management. He believes that those in internal communications have a unique opportunity within any organisation to inform and inspire its people to do great things.

Tom has worked with 4 major FTSE 100 companies, during which he has designed and delivered communications strategies, managed high profile communications campaigns to support organisational change, driven employee engagement projects, delivered brand programmes and successfully managed large-scale events. He is passionate about writing and transforming meaningless corporate jargon into something engaging. He also has substantial experience in financial services, pharmaceutical, and oil / gas industries, and is currently working in the transport sector.

Tom is a keen sportsman, playing golf, cricket and tennis whenever he can – though he is currently figuring out ways to balance this with being a new father. His ultimate ambition is to play guitar in a rock band. His early fledgling career showed promise, but the band just grew apart… these things happen. He now just attends gigs and pretends it’s him up on stage.

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