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Comms Strategy

Lack of senior management support is one of the biggest barriers to success - IBM survey

The most effective communications strategy plan is one that is created and delivered in the early stages of the project. A Communications Strategy and Plan will help you create and the deliver the right messages to the business. It will help to identify both stakeholders and users and to ensure that they are fully engaged and receive the correct communications at the right time. It will guarantee that you are addressing the actual needs and concerns of your people and ultimately ease the process of change. Based on the overall strategy this service can include the creation of a communications plan.

What value can Afiniti add?

In our experience this is something that organisations often need help with and Afiniti can provide cost effective, results driven consultancy working with the sponsors, stakeholders and project managers to develop a relevant strategy that fits with the project objectives, timescales and budget.


  • Greater visibility and understanding of your programme
  • An identity that will facilitate the programme’s goals
  • Co-operation from stakeholders involved in the programme
  • Mobilisation of people within the programme and its initiatives
  • Clarification and understanding of your people’s needs and views
  • Swifter feedback and input to the programme
  • Active acceptance and support from your customers
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How a global workforce adapted to IT change

Our client transformed its IT services operating model affecting 50,000 employees. We helped to engage all of them, making it easy to adapt to the new ways of working, wherever they were in the world.

Tom Dennehy

An ‘all-rounder’ in the field of internal communication, Tom has 8 years’ experience including delivering high profile and engaging communications campaigns, strategy development, channels and event management. He believes that those in internal communications have

Tom Dennehy
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