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Only 1 in 8 IT projects can be deemed fully successful - BSC Chartered Institute of IT

Having the right tools in place during your project or programme are vital in ensuring that it is successful and that change stick.

What value can Afiniti add?

Through years of experience Afiniti has developed tailored solutions that add efficiency to projects to manage data, co-ordinate events and provide real time reporting. Afiniti has developed a unique portfolio of software tools to support the management of all aspects of an IT rollout, User Adoption Programme or business transformation.

  • Projectserver – a central communications repository that keeps the project team connected with rapid project extranet/intranet, content-manageable areas for client and project updates, dynamic dashboard reporting, document management, project standard repository, distributed project team support and communication, front end to all Afiniti project tools and project reporting
  • Communicationserver – function to manage email communications activity for programmes and projects that has the ability to implement groups on a T-minus schedule, colour coding prompts, tracking, mail merge, option to group users by criteria, location or department, management reporting on activity through live dashboard, scalable and dynamic system tailored to project requirements, and the option for different user access requirement
  • Learningserver – Provides central learning management and training booking facility with complete course and class catalogues, individual learning histories, look and book scheduling, real time reporting, learning management statistics, trainer diary, course and class management, course evaluations, competency management, CBT (SCORM 1.3 compliant learning content management system)
  • Assetserver – End to end asset management for user hardware and software with comprehensive user and asset model, hardware build data, logistics planning, asset capture and tracking, asset stewardship and flexible reporting


  • Online real-time reporting of all aspects of project delivery
  • Early warning of jeopardised delivery
  • Consistent information of all aspects of project available to stakeholders at all times
  • Underpins quality of delivery process
  • Most up-to-date documentation repository
  • Consistent, timely and targeted communications
  • Single asset and user dataset
  • Auditable process
  • User self-help and self-management – minimise impact
  •  Can be configured to meet any project needs
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