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Your people are the most important part of your organisation.

Without their skills, understanding and support, your business cannot adapt and change.

We take the risk out of business change

Our holistic blend of change management services is part of an integrated approach to the people agenda of change which has one purpose: to focus on your people and make change stick. Using a tailored mix of our services to suit your change project, we help you accelerate and embed change, driving your business forward to its potential future state.

Building the capability to deliver change

Our 6LeverTM change readiness assessment tool helps you to know and understand the gaps in your business’ capability to deliver change. We can then support you in developing a sustainable and systematic approach to change.

Afiniti Change Readiness Tool

Change management that secures ROI

Our change management services set your programme up for success, aligning the benefits with the plan and implementing tracking and measurement to ensure committed, rapid adoption.

Creating an identity to provide impact

We co-create inspiring collateral with you, uniting people behind a common goal and bringing the vision to life, to aid engagement and minimise resistance.

employee engagement

Building commitment to your programme

From planning to delivery, we support you in creating awareness, involvement and buy in. We help you tell your story of change to drive engagement.  Through powerful communications, mind sets and behaviours, change for the long term.

Equipping your people with the skills and confidence to adopt change

Working with you to develop an in-depth understanding of the changes your people need to make, we co-create and deliver flexible and compelling learning. The business benefits include rapid end user adoption with new ways of working embedded at the critical time.


Delivering better projects and eliminating risk

We provide certified PPM practitioners and robust and proven project and programme methodology to deliver better projects. As an inherent part of our approach to change, our PPM provides certainty for your projects bringing structure, consistency and uniformity, with a focus on delivering benefits beyond project close.


“Their experience on other large scale business change programmes and their detailed understanding of what worked, risks and readiness levels with the assistance of their own analysis tool set, enabled them to quickly deliver a plan to achieve [our] aims.” 
“Afiniti invest time to understand how a business works so that they can understand the most effective way to deliver business change.  
Their supportive culture along with a demonstrable track record of success and a real ‘can do’ attitude has helped us deliver a positive increase in staff engagement during a period of significant business change.  We could not have achieved this without them.”
“Afiniti used their expertise, insight and relationship building [skills] to quickly understand the business change opportunity.
They delivered what was required through a refreshing blend of pragmatism, pace and innovation.
Afiniti quickly gained credibility and trust in the eyes of the business community and have been integral to building belief and confidence.”