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Creating Engagement and Excitement in a Learning Strategy

Project Overview

Project Overview

Our life sciences client was entering into a new product area and needed to evolve their operating model and learning strategy to succeed. This new model would need to incorporate an ecosystem that supported the end-to-end lifecycle of patient safety and regulatory reporting.

To do this, the client needed to drive a mindset shift across the 500+ people throughout the impacted teams, whose roles would be expanded to include the new product and its associated regulatory and safety responsibilities. Therefore, a significant amount of communication and education had to be delivered.

Afiniti were engaged to create a communications campaign that would utilise existing channels to engage users in the change to come. The diverse stakeholders had different communication and learning styles, and the potentially dry, serious subject matter was not immediately relevant to them all as the future state was still being defined. As a result, Afiniti recommended a blended learning approach to build awareness, engagement and knowledge across the team, and to ultimately ensure the right people had the right skills at the right time.

Our Solution

Our Solution

  • Conducted research to identify and analyse the impacted persona groups, their existing understanding and communication preferences across locations and roles.
  • Developed an infotainment concept to deliver clear messaging, which audiences could interact with on-demand when relevant for their role.
  • Worked collaboratively with the programme lead, workstreams and subject matter experts to establish the concept and content with an overarching, distinctive theme.
  • Created bitesize episodes that reflected milestone change interventions, building awareness, desire and understanding of the new product area and future state.
  • Utilised established channels to creatively convey content without overwhelming audiences, including a one-stop-shop hub with learning available at a single click.
  • The campaign supported differing experience levels and communication styles, allowing users to self-direct and choose how, when and how much they need.
  • Devised a learning strategy for the client recommending a blended learning approach to support their long-term rollout of the training.
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

“I am grateful for the creative way Afiniti made our work and effort shine through the sea of projects that are all vying for attention and share of mind.”

Principal Safety Director and Business Lead
  • The educational assets become synonymous with the new product area, creating excitement and being used as a benchmark for other comms initiatives.
  • This first-of-its-kind concept generated over 1,300 unique interactions and over 10,000 views on the messaging hub, with 90% being returning users.
  • The leadership team fully supported and even participated in the messaging to further embed it across the audience.
  • The messaging was a key part of an internal event booth that received 450 attendees and earned the award for ‘most attended booth’.
  • Session duration is significantly higher than average for the client, demonstrating the engaging and entertaining nature of the campaign.
  • Materials and themes were developed with sustainability and reusability in mind for continued use as the project evolves. Wider usage includes in a chatbot function and at global leadership events.
  • The interactive experience encourages team members to systematically and proactively access the materials, which are aligned to the project lifecycle, learning strategy and the wider organisational 2030 vision.
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