Business Change Case Studies
Case Study

Initialising Change on a Global Scale for a Consumer Healthcare Client

Project Overview

We recently worked with a client whose global promotional spend was increasing as a proportion of sales. In order to remain competitive and to maximise its $3.5Bn of spend – an overhaul of processes, systems and behaviours was needed.

Our global consumer healthcare client wanted to gain visibility, control and ultimately optimisation of this spend. A programme was initiated to define a global system, process playbook and mindset for managing promotions. We partnered with them to carve out key messages, contextualise the business change and firmly integrate change management principles into the project during the design phase. With the people aspect of change placed firmly at the centre of the initiative, we set the project up for success and increased the chance of realising future business benefits.

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Our Solution
  • We produced a key message framework – outlining the objectives, vision, need and outcomes of the programme.
  • We developed a highly appealing visual identity – to ensure communications were engaging and audience-relevant.
  • Developed and ran ‘change management 101’ sessions in order to educate the audience in the importance of structured change management on a programme of this scale.
The Differences We Made
  • We ensured that business change was integrated as part of the transformation programme with a clear link to achieving business benefits.
  • 120 influential stakeholders across EMEA, APAC and the US were educated in change management basics through our Change Management 101 sessions.
  • We helped SMEs in 15 countries understand the stakeholder landscape in their markets with stakeholder mapping and how to obtain buy-in to the programme
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