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Innovation: Content Reuse and Automation – A Whole New Function

Project Overview

Project Overview

Our pharmaceutical client operates in a complex content landscape, where content is replicated throughout the drug development lifecycle. Colleagues spend significant time duplicating effort while focusing only on the document at hand rather than the content required to complete it. Quality content can be used across multiple documents, and with an ambitious business-wide target to deliver 3-5 times more by 2030, streamlining how they work and create processes that enable content reuse and automation is a real success factor. The prize is significant with the majority of the organisation using some form of content and nearly 75% of that content being able to benefit from reuse.

We partnered with our client to help design their permanent function, setting them up for success.  Afiniti provided Organisational Change Management (OCM) leadership across the function and continue to be the OCM team working across the function’s activities. This included the design of collaborative, agile networks that would identify content reuse opportunities, prioritise and plan them, resource use case teams and see the use case through from design to deployment and sustainment.  Driving cultural change in the way we think about content from creation to reuse and embedding the Content Maturity Model to support the move from unstructured to structured and standardised content enabling automation.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Afiniti’s people centred approach to co-creating and driving delivery required that the leadership and their teams were engaged in creating the solution and leading their own change journey:

  • An organisational design that applies the required ‘agile’ principles enabling the function to learn as it develops and make brave, informed decisions about prioritisation
  • A data driven approach enabled by a Change Engine driving insights and actionable plans
  • Robust change plans baked into everything we do – helping ensure better outcomes as opposed to successful milestones
  • A learning strategy and approach that prioritises the capabilities required to work with content solutions in the future and the mindset required now to make those changes
  • A regular drumbeat of communications activity that presents a consistent vision of the future coupled with proof points of tangible steps (success stories) along the way
  • Focused stakeholder engagement prioritising the key players and influencers integral to our success – thus creating ‘content conversations’ across the business
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

  • Co-creation with the client thus giving a sense of ownership
  • Creativity in terms of messaging and branding helping ensure that our content stands out
  • Effective, data-driven change interventions enabled by proof points illustrated in a Change Engine
  • Ongoing coaching encouraging the combination of five distinct leadership networks into one common voice Involved in process design
  • The ability to drive Use Cases forward using a newly designed maturity model
  • The application of ‘systems thinking’ across all our work meaning the bigger picture is kept in mind and other connections are exploited across the business
  • A relentless focus on what this means for the end user meaning changes are understood, accepted and welcomed by colleagues

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