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Making Change Meaningful – Increasing the Efficiency of Clinical Trials

Project Overview

Project Overview

Delivering a targeted campaign to a disengaged audience within clinical trials.

We worked with a large pharma client to change the way staff documented information about clinical trials – moving to an improved online system with personal accountability. This new Trial Master File (TMF) process was designed to play a vital role in increasing the efficiency of trials, improving patient safety and ensuring that the trials met regulatory requirements in time for the inspection. However, there was already some resistance from users, due to technical problems with earlier versions of the system and a reluctance to change. We overcame this by using an integrated approach of change management theory and a uniquely targeted and creative communications strategy.

Our Solution

Our Solution

We worked seamlessly with stakeholders to:

  • produce a campaign focused on the concept of ‘My TMF’, including a sponsor video and targeted content relevant to each impacted role;
  • redesign the TMF website, as a home for all activities and content;
  • run a series of TMF Roadshows to bring the process to life;
  • clearly explain the process through visual media, including Process Overview charts and Infographics;
  • create a distinct visual identity for the project to engage each user group.
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

  • We helped people embrace the new process and change their perception of the online system.
  • We delivered a campaign which told a visual and engaging story, appealing to each stakeholder group.
  • We increased engagement with the change program – users were more involved in the process.
  • We received positive feedback from stakeholders and significantly increased user adoption of the new process and system.
  • We partnered with the client to help them achieve their overall business goals through increased efficiency and compliance with industry regulations.
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