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Change Consulting: A Natural Next Step

For change consultant Eleanor, a fantastic experience in learning and development led to a new and exciting career at Afiniti. Discover how Eleanor got into the role, what she’s been up to so far and the opportunities she sees for progression.

What did you do before working in the consulting industry and what drew you into it?

My previous role post-university had been in learning and development, which I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from. Equipped with valuable experience in this field, I started to feel ready for a new challenge, and it became clear that a career in change management consulting could be a good move for me. I’ve always enjoyed sinking my teeth into a detailed and multifaceted project, investigating creative solutions to challenging questions and working in a people focused role.

It was coming across Afiniti that confirmed this; seeing the pioneering projects Afiniti is involved with, the close partnerships we have with clients and the range and depth of expertise that resides within Afiniti made change consulting feel like a natural next step for me.

What experience have you gained from Afiniti so far?

Since joining Afiniti, I have worked on some really exciting engagements, helping to deliver innovative data and technology driven change. Working on these engagements has been extremely rewarding; I have been challenged in the best way, and I genuinely learn something new every day!

I’ve had the opportunity to apply my existing skills and develop new ones, to build strong relationships with fantastic stakeholder groups and gain experience across the change lifecycle.

“I am really excited about my future at Afiniti. I know that I am a valuable and valued member of the team.”

Can you give us some insight into general Afiniti life?

It’s the people at Afiniti who make life here so enjoyable. From my first week of joining Afiniti, I was welcomed and made to feel like a valued member of the team. Collaboration is really embedded in the Afiniti way of working. I have found my colleagues at Afiniti to be completely open and generous in sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise, which has meant that every day I have the opportunity to learn from them.

Although we all work virtually, there are plenty of opportunities to engage with colleagues: from virtual team and company-wide meetings, to Afiniti Academy sessions and on-site client visits. Most recently, I attended a co-working and knowledge sharing day in Manchester, which was the perfect opportunity to connect with colleagues and hear about what’s happening in the wider business.

How does setting personal career objectives work at Afiniti?

Personal development is definitely prioritised at Afiniti. Since joining, I have been encouraged to identify and define my career objectives, given the tools I need to progress them and the support I need to make them happen.

Using the Afiniti Competency Matrix, I have been able to track my progress and identify areas for development. We use a system called Clear Review, which helps to track your goals and objectives. I regularly review these with my Afiniti Lead, when we check in on what’s going well and where I might need support.

With this support, I have a better understanding of the steps I need to take to hone my skills, and a clear path forward. I am really excited about my future at Afiniti. I know that I am a valuable and valued member of the team and I know that my career is going from strength to strength.

By Eleanor Payne, Change Consultant

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Eleanor Payne
Eleanor Payne
Senior Consultant
Eleanor is a dedicated Change Consultant who works across the change lifecycle, harnessing a multi-disciplinary approach to organisational change with authenticity, creativity, and a genuine commitment to benefit realisation. 
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