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Assessing Readiness for Change Across a Global Value Chain

Project Overview

Project Overview

Afiniti were engaged to assess the readiness for change of our consumer healthcare client’s Global Value Chain. The purpose of the Global Value Chain is to join up their global functions and regions as one end-to-end team, with agreed shared priorities, outcomes and measures.

The GVC leadership team’s role in explaining and driving this new mindset and way of working is instrumental to its success. Additionally, in a broader landscape of significant transformation, the leadership team needed specific insights in helping to prepare for the GVC change.

Each of the global functions is at a different stage of maturity, so we needed to explore the reality of this, as well as bringing the leadership team together as one team to address the holistic view of readiness.

Importantly, there is no existing GVC change management strategy in place, so this 6LeverTM approach has posed the questions that should be answered within a change strategy.

Our Solution

Our Solution

  • Face-to-face workshop with the GVC leadership team to build the relationship and showcase change management as a key leadership team agenda item.
  • Preparation of a two-part workshop to assess organisational readiness for change using the 6LeverTM tool.
  • Introduced the tool and positioned the 6LeversTM as part of our Discovery phase to generate valuable baseline data around the current change landscape.
  • Set up of the 6LeverTM questions using a Google form to provide a user-friendly ‘front end’ with intuitive 1-5 quick response answers.
  • Use of pre-prepared Excel worksheet for efficient data handling and creating consistent insights.
  • Use of a pre-prepared report template which offers a structured and visually engaging foundation for building 6LeverTM insights and recommendations.
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

In only a few hours and after some great collaborative working, we were able to:

1. Engage a cross-functional leadership team in the value of action-oriented organisational readiness building.

2. Generate baseline readiness data by function and at the overarching GBC level.

3. Present visual insights to detail where organisation readiness is stronger or weaker.

4. Present recommendations and actions to shape the GVC Change Strategy.

In addition, we are assessing how else we can build on the picture created by the 6LeversTM readiness for change baseline.

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