Business Change Case Studies
Case Study

Change Blueprint to Support UK Growth Strategy

Project Overview

Creating a change blueprint – working with the UK leadership team at Kohler Mira to build a cohesive and integrated approach to change underpinning the business growth agenda.

Kohler Mira UK (a subsidiary of the global Kohler Co business) has developed an aggressive growth plan and strategic vision for the UK over the next five years fuelled by increasing market share and by new product and service introductions.

Whilst the business already possesses much of the capabilities and talents needed to plan, drive, fuel and execute the transformation, there is a growing recognition and desire to bring on board a suitable change management consultancy to partner the leadership team and to provide the necessary strategic and operational guidance and impetus to ensure the transformation journey is well managed.  Mira selected Afiniti as their Change Management partner to provide the Executive Team with change management leadership and practitioner guidance in order to set up for success.  The first deliverable of this work was to co-create the UK Change Blueprint.

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Our Solution
  • Rapid discovery exercise to build sound understanding of the UK business strategy – review of strategy papers and one-to-ones with some members of the Executive Team.
  • Design and preparation for a two day Change Blueprint workshop with the UK Executive Team.
  • Leading and facilitating the two day Change Blueprinting workshop.
  • Production of the Change Blueprint based on the outputs of the workshop, including pivotal start-stop-continue plans and the need to create targeted customer offerings that would ensure key decisions are aligned to the customer offering at both tactical and strategic levels.
The Differences We Made
  • Identified missing critical elements of the UK strategy and defined actions to address
  • Identified critical dimensions of the organisation that needed to change, and how they would change, if the strategy was to be achieved
  • Built an integrated plan of the core change initiatives required to support the business strategy
  • Produced the Change Blueprint document as a single source of the truth
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