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Project Overview

Project Overview

Preparing managers to maintain open communications through a period of uncertainty for their teams as they prepare for a major outsource

As part of their strategy to return to a viable business model, AIB was in the process of working down headcount from 14,000 to 11,500 in preparation for transition back to private ownership. The execution of outsource based operating models for core services such as information systems was key to the strategy.

Leadership recognised the major cultural shift that this represented both for managers and staff alike and the critical role that effective and open management communication plays in the long term success of outsource change initiatives. AIB sought to provide their management teams with a greater understanding of the change process and the important and positive role they can play in the transition period. AIB engaged Afiniti to work alongside the Leadership and HR Partners of specific outsourcing activities in order to provide managers with the confidence, tools and techniques to maintain open communication with their people through the transition period.

Our Solution

Our Solution

  • Design, develop and deliver a tailored ‘Introduction to Change Management’ workshop for AIB Internal Communications and HR Partner Teams.
  • Based on Kotters 8 Steps to Change.
  • Develop understanding of leadership and management roles in change.
  • Offer practical guidance and techniques for communicating change.
  • Utilising case studies to allow managers to think about how they would apply their learning.
  • Design, develop and facilitate a tailored ‘Supporting Managers through Change’ workshop for AIB managers whose teams were impacted by outsourcing.
  • Above plus providing opportunity for managers to raise their concerns and obtain feedback from AIB programme team and to role-play challenging one-to-one meetings with their staff.
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

  • Raised the level of competence in managing the people agenda of change within the programme and management team.
  • Prepared managers for difficult conversations with their staff and ensured that they recognised the positive impacts for both individuals and the organisation of maintaining open communication in a period of transition.
  • Created a critical flow of credible information between the change sponsors and business managers to improve trust and mutual understanding.
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