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Welsh Water – Mobilising a Business for Change

Our client had been using the same billing system for 25 years, in which time it had become inflexible, expensive to maintain, and challenging to train on, therefore not meeting the needs of their ever-changing business. With a range of stakeholders to engage, and issues to address, they needed to mobilise a team and build an action plan quickly.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Built from a series of mergers, our client’s organisation presented us with a complex challenge. Through our deep understanding of change management and our flexible, online 6leverTM change readiness assessment, we:

  • Facilitated a large workshop ensuring a high level of engagement and participation
  • Unpeeled the cultural differences across the organisation and identified how to engage both
  • Identified areas to exploit in how change is delivered and training is rolled out
  • Produced concrete ideas to develop around communications and engagement
  • Helped identify and construct a mission and vision statement that would engage the audience
  • Produced a comprehensive report detailing our findings and all recommendations paving the way for future success.
The Differences We Made

The Differences We Made

  • Baseline to start from: we produced a clear picture of the current team and organisation against the drivers for change, enabling them to assess progress
  • Uncovering the keys of change management: we helped the team understand what they do well, and where they can improve while underlining the criticality of good change management.
  • A roadmap to success: we produced clear, tangible actions to set the  team on their way
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