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What did you do before working in the consulting industry and what drew you into it?

I think I have always had an interest in consulting, originally stemming from certain projects I worked on at university while I was studying my business degree. I particularly enjoyed the collaborative nature of these projects and being able to make a difference to outcomes by listening to the inputs from others and putting forward my own suggestions. We all had different strengths and the combination of these made for interesting discussions and outputs.  

Before joining the consulting industry, I gained a broad range of experience working in communications and account management. In my last role before Afiniti, I realised I most enjoyed the aspects of the job that involved building client relationships and working collaboratively to help them strategize and then execute deliverables to support the strategy. This reinforced what I had enjoyed at university and was therefore what drove me to pursue a career in the consulting industry. 

What experience have you gained from Afiniti so far? 

Since being at Afiniti, I have added change management experience to my skillset and have also further developed my communications ability. 

I have also been exposed to a wide range of industries such oil and gas, and pharma which has been interesting and positively challenging. 

Alongside my Change Consultancy work, I am currently studying for my APMG in Change Management which will further enhance my knowledge and ability. This is a great opportunity for development which is being sponsored by Afiniti and will be a  tremendous asset for me, for the clients I work with and for Afiniti. 

Can you give us some insight into general Afiniti life?  

Afiniti is an amazing place to work and is a very collaborative environment. Even though we all work remotely, there are a lot of regular touchpoints and opportunities to connect with other colleagues. For example, in bi-weekly All Hands calls, we receive company updates and have a chance to connect and share learning with each other. We also have team stand-up meetings where we can discuss our main priorities that day and work through any challenges. 

You can also get involved socially with various societies such as a book club and connect with local colleagues for a virtual coffee or drink after work. The Afiniti team are all over the world, so we even have an all company virtual “fun event” every few months which is a great way to really get to know the people in other countries; it is a unique atmosphere and one you wouldn’t find anywhere else! 

In terms of setting personal career objectives, how does this work at Afiniti? 

Setting personal career objectives is important at Afiniti.  

Usually, I meet with my Afiniti Lead and Engagement Lead to discuss the projects I am working on and what objectives I have in mind. These are then formally inputted into a system called Clear Review where they can be tracked and progressed. Support is offered to help you reach your objectives and overcome any challenges or obstacles you might be facing. Even though I work from home, I do feel part of a team and know that Afiniti will support me in my career development and overall growth as an individual.   

By Taneisha Teixeira, Communications Consultant

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