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Working Life at Afiniti

Olivia Mackenzie, Communications and Change Consultant, answers a few quick-fire questions about her route into consulting and reflects on the past two years of work at Afiniti and the learnings from the journey.

What did you do before working in the consulting industry and what drew you into it?

I joined Afiniti day 1 of the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. Quite the day to start. I had also just moved back from Sydney where I had already spent 2 years working as a workplace change consultant helping people and companies go through large scale workplace changes. There I learnt that it’s important to listen to peoples concerns, be empathetic and that not everyone likes change! Armed with strong foundational skills and a growing patience and understanding of change, I knew remaining in change was what I wanted to do when I returned to the UK.

I’ve always been comfortable with change. Change of location, routine, or opportunity of adventure, it pushes me to interact with people or problem solve as I work out the best way to get somewhere and working as a change consultant is exactly the same. Each project, team, day is never the same as with every decision, there is a different reaction however there is always a shared goal, desired result, and a sense of accomplishment at the end of the project.

What experience have you gained from Afiniti so far?

While I continue to navigate my career and the world of change, Afiniti has given me opportunity at every corner. Sometimes it’s hard to know what you don’t know; however, colleagues have always provided insight and encouragement to explore new areas and not keep myself in one box. Nothing more says this than having the opportunity to complete my Foundation and Practitioner Change Management course where I was able to explore how to create engaging training and learning materials, learn organisational change theories, create effective communications, and define change readiness. Because of this, I discovered a strong interest in learning. How people learn, what’s the best way for people to learn, creating different learning materials and how integral it is to a change project. Quickly, I was able to put what I had learnt and keenness to learn on the job to the test as I was given the opportunity to support a learning expert on a complex pharmaceutical project where multiple learning assets were required for multiple stakeholders. Afiniti encouraged me to follow my interest and supported me all the way.

Can you give us some insight into general Afiniti life?

Each day I see colleagues acting upon the Afiniti values, acting with integrity, putting the client first and keeping people at the heart. Is this the best for the client? Can I give more time to this? Can I help someone? It’s a running thought and practice each and everyday that not only makes one a better consultant, but a better all rounded person too. With this, it creates a fun, encouraging and honest place to work. People support colleagues from around the world on whatever they’re doing, reviewing intricate strategy’s, reposting blogs or just sharing knowledge to aid a personal goal. It truly is an impressive culture that spreads all over the world.

In terms of setting personal career objectives, how does this work at Afiniti?

It’s easy to lose sight on your personal career path when everyday busyness gets in the way, so inevitably when the yearly review comes in there is a mad rush to think about what you want to do and achieve in the next year. But not at Afiniti. The Afiniti PATH program encourages continual personal progression and achievement with regular check ins and objective settings with a dedicated mentor to keep the wheels turning in the right direction. This has ensured I take responsibility for my own development and have a great sense of achievement when I tick that ‘objective complete’ box.

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