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Two Years, Already?!

This summer marked my second year with Afiniti. During that time the global pandemic has meant that some aspects of my work haven’t been quite what I expected when I first joined - with business travel put on hold and having to adjust to getting to know clients and colleagues via a screen rather than in person.

However, the fundamental elements that first attracted me to change consultancy and working for a company like Afiniti are there, regardless of how I am delivering that work. In fact, those unexpected challenges have offered the opportunity to explore new creative ways of working and delivering value for clients.

Whilst I have been working in change for the majority of my career, Afiniti is my first experience of the consulting world. Reflecting on the past two years, there has certainly been few learnings.

No two projects are the same

Naturally, there are certain aspects of a project that always need to happen. Strategies need to be written and stakeholders need to be mapped, but every client and every project has its own individuality. Each one offers new possibilities and challenges to explore and overcome. Though on a busy Thursday afternoon I may occasionally wish things were simpler and clearer cut, one of the best things about my job is the space for creativity and new ideas that each project presents.

Change doesn’t fit neatly into boxes

At Afiniti we deliver change across four key disciple areas Learning, Communications, Change and Project Management. However, the work we do rarely fits neatly into just one discipline. The learning we create only works if you tell people about it.

My background is predominately in communications, but since joining Afiniti I have had the opportunity to contribute to and gain experience across all four disciplines. Our clients come to us for expertise in delivering change as a whole and Afiniti’s wide-ranging portfolio of change services enables organisations to embed new behaviours and ways of working; to realise benefits in complex and challenging environments.

You can always rely on change to change

Unsurprisingly, working in the world of change things tend to…change. New requirements get added to systems, regulations, compliance, and new technologies; but most of these challenges can also represent opportunities - if you’re in the right shape to take advantage of them. After all, we’re living in an age of major business disruption and innovation.

Change within change does not mean unplanned or risky, quite the opposite in fact. The goal is to be nimble and flexible – ready to pounce on opportunities, or to change course to avoid inevitable problems. To be agile, an organisation and the people within it must have a clear goal in mind with waypoints to check if the plan is on target.

To borrow the sentiment of someone far wiser than me ‘There is nothing permanent except change’. Working in change ensures you never stay still for long and I look forward to the new challenges, experiences and opportunities waiting for me as I enter my third year with Afiniti. 

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